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About Us

W E L C O M E   T O

We strive to ensure that each person feels comfortable and confident in their CPR/1st Aid skills, while having fun. Our goals are to deliver information efficiently and with detail.   Presenting instruction, knowledge, and skills in the highest of quality.

Expanding in years to come, and provide the continued quality of classes.  

Covid19 protocol with mask wearing, distance, and sanitizing hands.  Always disinfecting and sanitizing equipment. 

Our Team

Located in Glendora, Ca, with Las Vegas connections.  We are originally from California, but lived in Las Vegas for 17 years, hence the one 702 number.  It is myself, Connie (RDH), and my husband, Jose Ali (Construction).  We both perform classes and give each class the enjoyment and engagement it needs to not be dull. We fit to your schedule so give us a call to schedule a time

that you need.  


Contact us for your CPRNEEDS you wont be sorry! 

Follow us on social media, like use, thumbs up us, and YELP us.  

We are solely word of mouth referred, thus far. 

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